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Our locations

G-Six Boxing Kincumber

Open to members 24/7, our Kincumber space offers a huge variety of boxing bags, two full-sized boxing rings and a fully-equipped strength and conditioning gym - as well as a basketball court and pool table, just for fun!

G-Six Boxing Tuggerah

Revamped, rethought, relaunched.

Boxing classes for all skill & fitness levels, in a wicked little facility! With new bags, a new strength & functional area, a new upstairs training & sparring space, a new timetable & 24 hour access.

Coaches & Trainers


As a G-Six boxing coach, Jake specialises in fighter training. As well as coaching our Red vs Blue & G-Six Boxing amateur fighters, Jake regularly takes classes through intensive drills, skills and conditioning training at both Kincumber and Tuggerah locations.

Instagram: @jakegsixboxing


Joe is a coach to the G-Six amateur and Red vs Blue fighters. As well as in-depth boxing one-on-one sessions, Joe also offers strength and fitness coaching, and is available for personal training sessions at both Kincumber and Tuggerah.

Instagram: @joewilliams2185


Alison is a personal and group trainer at both Kincumber and Tuggerah gyms. With multiple boxing bouts under her belt as a fighter and a cornerman she offers one-on-one boxing sessions, as well as strength and fitness coaching.

Instagram: @aligsixboxingtuggerah


Annaliese runs several of our challenges and offers boxing, strength and conditioning coaching. Working from G-Six Kincumber, Annaliese provides 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 strength, resistance and fitness training, and is a current member of our fight team with 3 fights under her belt, teaching basic boxing skills and boxing for fun and fitness.

Instagram: @activebyanna