G-Six Umina Foundation membership

We're offering a limited release of foundation memberships for our new Umina location!

Located on West Street directly across from Coles, our new Umina gym will be opening in mid to late June 2021.

We are offering 35 foundations members at $35 - this will be a $10 weekly discount and includes access to all locations (Umina, Kincumber and Tuggerah). Memberships are all NO CONTRACT and you can cancel anytime! This offer is for new members only.

Discounted rate: $35 per week

Classes will run as follows:

 Monday - Friday

5pm & 6pm classes - Boxing (skills, drills, pad work and bag work)

7pm classes - Club G-Six (contact training and sparring)


6:30am class - Boxing (skills, drills, pad work and bag work)