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Last weekend for G-Six Online!

Now that the gyms are opening back up, this will be the last weekend that G-Six Online will be available. All online memberships will be shut down - you will not have to take any action to close down your G-Six Online account.

Feel free to check out our new membership offerings - see you back in the gym!

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Class upload timetable

Our Boxing and Bodyweight Strength & Conditioning training videos are only available at certain times to help you guys create a sense of routine, and each is designed to be easily do-able from home, with or without equipment.

This includes boxing - whether you have boxing equipment at home or not, there's a boxing class for you!

As each class becomes available it will be displayed on the left under 'Latest class upload'. View the timetable to see when each class will be uploaded.

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G-Six Tips

Footwork. Hand positioning. Punch combinations. Defensive actions. Find out how you can level up your boxing with our G-Six Tips.


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