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Red vs Blue 9


G-Six is home to the Red vs Blue boxing program, a 12 week intense training program designed to introduce people to the world of amateur boxing.
Within 12 weeks, you'll learn all about hand positioning, footwork and boxing techniques, as well as conditioning to build up your fitness and endurance.
At the end of the 12 weeks, you'll compete in your first amateur boxing bout. 12 weeks of hands-on training and learning will prepare you to fight in a safe and private environment.

Round 9 start date: Monday 16 September 2019

Round 9 Fight Night: Saturday 7 December 2019


Monday - 6:30pm
Wednesday - 6:30pm
Friday - 6:30pm

OPTIONAL (but recommended)

Tuesday - 5:45pm
Thursday - 5:45pm
Saturday - 7:30am


$69.99 per week
Price includes all-access membership at the gym for the 12-week duration of the program

Designed and programmed to suit both males and females ages 16 and above
Learn everything from basic hand positioning and punches to advanced footwork, bag work and pad work
The opportunity to become a registered NSW Amateur Boxer and record your first win or loss
State of the art boxing equipment and strength and conditioning facilities