Our boxing classes are offered in several different levels at both Kincumber and Tuggerah: popular all-skill-level classes which cater to both beginners and veterans, teen boxing classes and fighter training. Click on the links below to see when these classes run.

G-Six Boxing Kincumber is open to our members 24/7. Members can use their swipe pass to access the gym at any time.

G-Six Boxing Tuggerah may be accessed by our members at any time outside of class hours.

Class types

HIT OUT 1 hour

Pad work and bag work take a heavy focus in these classes. Designed for all skill levels, we will bring in many aspects of boxing, but pads and bags form the basis of this class.

DRILL IT 1 hour

With a strong focus on skills and drills for all skill levels, this class will give a great workout while focussing on improving boxing skills. This class aims to up-skill you as a boxer by incorporating skills and drills training. Pad work and bag work can be included regularly depending on the session plan.

12 ROUNDS 45 minutes

These classes are 12-round conditioning classes designed to improve your strength and endurance. Each station of the circuit aims to work on aspects that will improve your strength, stamina, and agility as a boxer, with a good strength and conditioning finisher at the end.

TEENS 45 minutes

This class is opened to ages twelve to seventeen. Teen boxing is designed to teach everything required to become an amateur boxer. Although some teens are working towards fighting not all teens are expected to participate in contact and are more than welcome to train for fitness, skills and fun! Our trainers are happy to have a chat with you about teen classes, so feel free to send us an enquiry through our social channels.

OPEN 1 hour

Run on a Saturday, the Open Boxing class contains a good mix of skills, drills, conditioning and hit-out rounds.

CLUB G-SIX 1 hour

Club G-Six is for members training for Red vs Blue fight nights and amateur boxing comps. Mentality from participants and coaches in these sessions is very different from your general classes, as these classes do contain full contact; mouthguards are mandatory for anyone wishing to participate in contact. When members choose to participate in these classes, they will be partnered with someone of a similar skill and experience level. If you’d like more information about this class, feel free to chat to staff on-site or send us an enquiry through our social channels.