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At G-Six, we like to mix it up. We offer bootcamps and classes in strength & conditioning and functional fitness, but we're most well-known for our boxing classes, which are offered in several different levels: popular all-skill-level classes which cater to both beginners and veterans, teen boxing classes and fight team training.
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BoxFit is our basic boxing fitness class. Stepping away from skill and technical work, this class is designed to give members all of the fitness benefits that come with boxing, without having to spend months on end learning the more technical side of the sport. With super basic punch combinations and our focus being more of a high intense workout, this class will give members a full body workout in 45 minutes. Suits everyone and everyone wanting a good hit out for fun and fitness.
BoxSkill classes are designed to give participants not only a fantastic workout, but also enough skill and ability to understand everything from footwork and hand position to arm, trunk and foot defence, along with multiple punch combination handwork and more. Class runs for 45-50 minutes.
BoxCon classes are conditioning classes designed to give our members all the benefits of the conditioning components of boxing, without the punching or contact. These sessions re based around functional fitness including everything from bikes and rowers to box jumps, deadballs, dumbbell work and more. BoxCon works on time frames such as Tabata, Emoms, Amraps and more.
BoxStrong classes are designed to focus on the strength side of boxing. Incorporating everything from squats and deadlifts to dumbbell work and more. BoxStrong works on sets and reps, as opposed to BoxCon working on timeframes.
Fight Team sessions are reserved for members wanting to join the Fight Team and train towards a fight. These sessions are not for the faint-hearted, and involve full head and body contact (and a strong mentality). Sessions are strict and involve large amounts of work, including boxing and conditioning. Sessions can run anywhere between 50-80 minutes.
Sparring is exactly that - full body and head sparring for fighters, Red vs Blue teams and members who want to move into the contact side of the sport.