Our timetable

We're most well-known for our boxing classes, which are offered in several different levels at both Kincumber and Tuggerah: popular all-skill-level classes which cater to both beginners and veterans, teen boxing classes and fight team training. If you want to mix it up, our Kincumber gym also offers BSC (a boxing-oriented strength & conditioning class) and strength & functional fitness equipment.

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Class types

BOXING - Beginner

This class is open to all fitness and skill levels and offers a fantastic boxing workout no matter your experience. We aim to keep things simple for everyone. 2-3-4 punch combinations, simple and fun bag work, basic hand position and footwork. A great starting point for anyone not yet comfortable with the speed and advanced combinations and footwork in the intermediate class.

BOXING - Intermediate

This class is our current boxing skills class. We aim to focus on combination building, footwork, defensive actions (trunk, head, arm and foot), partner drills, intermediate footwork and higher intensity all round.

BOXING - Sparring & partnerwork

This class is for boxers of all fitness and all experience levels who wish to learn the basics of sparring and improve their skills in the ring. Scaled for your experience level, you’ll be partnered with someone of a similar skill set and work on everything from body drills to full contact sparring. This class is a safe and effective way to drastically improve your skills and confidence in the ring in a closely monitored and controlled environment.


This class is opened to ages twelve to seventeen. Teen boxing is designed to teach everything required to become an amateur boxer. Although some teens are working towards fighting not all teens are expected to participate in contact and are more than welcome to train for fitness, skills and fun! Our trainers are happy to have a chat with you about teen classes, so feel free to send us an enquiry through our social channels.

BOXING - Junior/Open combined

This class on a Friday aims to bring all of our boxers, from teens, to beginners, to intermediate & advanced fighters together into one class to smash out an end-of-week session. We love our G-Six community and this open class aims to bring all of us together!

BSC - Boxing Strength & Conditioning

These classes are functional-fitness based, but with a boxing twist. As a boxing-orientated conditioning class we’ll put you through your paces and run through things like dumbbell shadow, dumbbell work, light weight and kettle bell work, resistance band and med ball work. If you’re into HIIT, this is the class for you!


We have several active fighters who train in advanced boxing for the sport of boxing, not just for fitness and fun. Mentality from participants and coaches in the fight team is very different from your general classes, and for this reason all members are required to speak with Jake or Joe before moving into these sessions. You must be deemed confident and competent with all of your intermediate skills, drills and conditioning to move up Feel free to send us an enquiry through our social channels to set up a chat and find out if Fight Team is right for you.